Client History Information Portal Solution (C.H.I.P.S.)

T. Baker Smith introduces a new Client History Information Portal Solution (CHIPS) that is designed as a complete data management tool to manage each phase of a project from the planning phases through construction. By managing a project's data in one place, this dynamic portal can:

  • manage the data and track permits after construction has been completed
  • allow each phase to be run more efficiently
  • reduce the amount of re-work required to complete a project

All data within the system can be accessed via the web, and access permission can be managed and set at the user level.

CHIPS includes:

  • Landowner Information
  • Environmental Data
  • Construction Drawings
  • Well Information
  • Permit Tracking Database

This is a dynamic and custom tailored piece of software which allows for additional data fields or tools useful on a project to be added to meet the specific needs of each client and their project.

Landowner Information
Spatial data can either be imported or entered into the system in the appropriate layers. Once the tracts of land have been entered into the system, data specific to each tract can be added, such as:
  • the agent responsible for the tract and their contact information
  • the owner of the property and their contact information
  • whether right-of-entry has been granted
  • files associated with the tract such as lease agreements, access agreements, and leasing plats or maps can be attached to the location on the map

A color coded system is used to indicate whether right-of-entry (ROE) has been granted with green for yes and red for no. This information can be easily updated in real time to provide others working on the project with accurate up to the minute data.

For example, an agent using a laptop or tablet pc with an air card can obtain ROE for a tract of land and immediately update the system to indicate that ROE has been granted. He can also utilize the comment field to convey important information such as a gate code, restricted or preferred entry times or dates, and/or any important notes. This information would be immediately available to survey or environmental crews working in that area equipped with laptops using an air card.
Information available in real time could eliminate some of the backtracking that takes place on a large linear project. Once the agent has a signed copy of the lease agreement or ROE agreements, they can be scanned and attached to the corresponding tract.
Maps and forms of a proposed project that have already been developed prior to an agent visiting property owners can be entered into the system ahead of time and can be available at the time of the visit.
Environmental Data
Wetland plots, wetland boundaries, threatened or endangered species data, and any other environmental data can be added to the map. Field Crews can upload data to an FTP server on a daily or weekly basis, and technicians can format that data and add it to the system.
This could be useful on large projects due to the data being available for review by the client or the agencies as it is collected, as opposed to after the field work is completed and a report is prepared.

Managing the data on a project as it is collected allows for review and comment while field crews are still mobilized and can address questions or concerns without remobilizing at a later date. Having the ability to review, organize, and update data while additional data is still being collected will increase the efficiency with which TBS can conduct a large project in several ways:

  • Allows comments on the type or methods of data collection to be addressed early on, as opposed to after all data has been collected.
  • Data can be organized as it is being collected allowing the report writing phase of the project to begin even before the data collection phase is completed.
  • The agency representative could review the data early in the process and their comments be addressed along the way, which could speed up the review of the final document that will be submitted.

If a project crosses roads or streams, the plan and profile of the crossing as well as any permits or other information associated with the crossing can be attached as a hyperlink in the appropriate location.

Construction Drawings
The Construction Drawing layer is placed in segments that can correspond to the location and numbering of the actual construction drawings. The drawings will be linked to the appropriate segment as indicated in the drawing below.  These drawings can be updated and the system can serve as the repository for a map based interface for the final as-built drawings and any other relevant project information, such as permits or information on valves.
Well Information

All of the information associated with a well location can be attached to the well location within the database for easy future access and reference including:

  • lease maps
  • surface location and access maps
  • any permitting documentation and copies of any permits

Additionally, any permits associated with the well can be entered into the permit tracking database associated with the data management system.


The Permit Tracking Database  

The Permit Tracking Database will track permit renewal dates and provide email and visual notification of when a permit is approaching time for renewal or when it has expired.


In the example above, the expiration date of the permit is 02/08/2010, and the location, represented by the red "warning” dot, indicates that the permit will soon expire.

This system is not limited to tracking permits, but can be utilized to track any date based submittals associated with a project. For a project manager tasked with keeping up with the permitting requirements of a large number of sites, this system provides an easy to use interface to help keep track of the maps and data for each location and when submittals may be coming due.

For more information or to set up a demonstration of this dynamic and customizable software offered, please contact T. Baker Smith.



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