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T. Baker Smith, LLC's (TBS) history may be rooted in tools like compasses and slide rules, but our skilled team members work today with the most innovative technology available, including the Global Positioning System (GPS), automated hydrographic surveying, computer aided drafting and total stations. We also own much of the transportation equipment needed to reach and work in remote locations, including airboats, all terrain vehicles and crew boats.
At TBS, we are committed to building this community we call home as well as the industries which have shaped our modern culture. We take pride in turning great ideas into reality and always strive to add value to our projects by exceeding our clients' expectations.
T. Baker Smith, C.E.
1913: T. Baker Smith graduates from Tulane University and founds the engineering and surveying firm of T. Baker Smith, C.E.
During his leadership, the civil engineering firm developed much of the early infrastructure in the Lafourche, St. Mary, and Terrebonne Parish areas, including roads, bridges and levees. He also performed the first accurate reconstruction of U.S. Government surveys dating back to the late 1800's along the south Louisiana coast between the Mississippi River and the Atchafalaya River.
 "...Building the community"
Tools of the trade: survey chains and rods, slide rule, beam compass, carbon paper, drop bow and ruling pens, drawing ink, transits, protractors, chain pens and gum erasers

1917: US enters WWI

1929: "Black Thursday" stock market crash

1930's: The Great Depression
1936: First street paved in Terrebonne Parish

1940's: Oil and gas boom for the southeastern Louisiana area

1941-1945: WWII

1947: The first offshore oil well is drilled.

William Clifford Smith1958: Wm. Clifford Smith, son of T. Baker Smith, graduates from Louisiana State University and joins the firm of T. Baker Smith, C.E.

1962: Wm. Clifford Smith becomes President and Sole Owner of the firm of T. Baker Smith, C.E. upon his father's death

Under his direction, many of the Terrebonne Parish subdivisions were designed. He instituted environmental services at T. Baker Smith, C.E. and became a leader in flood protection issues such as floodgates, pump stations, levees and coastal erosion. Numerous pipeline surveying projects were conducted and a parish-wide sewer program was developed. He also developed the Houma-Terrebonne Airport Master Plan.

"...Turning ideas into reality"
Tools of the trade: parallel rule attachments, electric calculators, teletype machines, fathometers, magnetometers, measuring wheel, airboats, drafting machine, electric erasers, fax machines, copy machines, word processors

1965: Firm changes name from T. Baker Smith, C.E. to T. Baker Smith & Son, Inc. and becomes a corporation.


Kenneth William Smith1986: Kenneth Wm. Smith, son of Wm. Clifford Smith, graduates from Louisiana Tech University and joins the firm of T. Baker Smith & Son, Inc.

1990's: Networked computers and automated drafting technology are introduced.

2001: Kenneth Wm. Smith becomes President and Chief Executive Officer of T. Baker Smith & Son, Inc.

He implemented corporate culture and value-adding technology to the firm, such as hydrographic surveying, electronic data collection, information systems integration, and records and information management.

"Add value to projects by exceeding our clients' expectations"
Tools of the trade: differential global positioning systems, computers, AutoCAD drafting, side scan sonar, laser printers, digital plotters, digital cameras, data collectors, digital total stations, spud barge, digital imagery, proton magnetometer, color printing and plotting, and electronic records management
2002: T. Baker Smith & Son, Inc. opens its first satellite office in Thibodaux, Louisiana.

2003: T. Baker Smith & Son, Inc. celebrates 90 Years of Turning Ideas into Reality.

2004: T. Baker Smith & Son, Inc. begins offering new services such as offshore geophysical surveying and oyster services.

2005: T. Baker Smith & Son, Inc. changes its name to T. Baker Smith, Inc.

2005: T. Baker Smith, Inc. expands with offices in Lafayette, LA and Houston, TX.

2005: Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

2006: Develops Construction Management group.

2008: Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

2009: Opens new offices in Thibodaux and Shreveport, LA and expands for the second time in Baton Rouge, LA.

2009: Moves critical information systems to Houston office.
2010: Expands pipeline engineering management and design group.



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