At T. Baker Smith, we offer superior integrated professional solutions and survey equipment to clients in a wide range of markets, such as Pipelines, Oil & Gas Exploration, Industrial, Land Development, Public Works, and Offshore projects. Click on a market below to read more about the services we offer.

Industrial -
Every challenge is different. Especially when it comes to industrial infrastructure projects. Youíve got to comply with state, local and federal rules and regulations throughout the life of the project. So you need a partner you can trust, one who understands the evolving environment. A partner with the expertise, professionalism and equipment to do the job right and do it safely. A partner who knows what it takes to be successful.
Land Development -
When you are developing land no two challenges are alikeófrom master planning to government regulation and sustainable design. Balanced with each developmentís economics, there are many hurdles to overcome. Thatís why we tailor our solutions to the challenges you face.
Offshore -
A†century of experience has taught us that the offshore arena present unique challenges every step of the way. So we work collaboratively with clients to tailor each offshore operation to the situation at hand.
Oil and Gas -
Thereís one thing we donít do at T. Baker Smith ó shy away from a challenge. A century of experience has taught us that oil and gas exploration and production present unique challenges every step of the way. Whether youíre working on land, nearshore or offshore, youíve got to quickly and accurately identify prospects, as well as move your product efficiently throughout your assetís life cycle.
Pipeline -
The toughest pipeline engineering projects are no match for creativity, dogged determination, and collaboration across locations and practice areas through the entire project life cycle. That is exactly what you get when you partner with T. Baker Smith. Here, thereís no one-size-fits all approach. Thatís the way itís been since we started in 1913.
Public Works -
From master planning to funding to sustainable design, thereís a lot of work that goes into public works projects that improve the quality of life of the communities we are a part of. That is why we tailor our solutions with stakeholders to work safely by collaborating across locations and practice areas through the entire project life cycle.



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