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Call to Recovery: Flooding of Louisiana Rivers and Streams - Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Call to Recovery:
Flooding of Louisiana Rivers and Streams  

August 2016 - As the recent flooding continues throughout Louisiana, potential infrastructure damage may occur requiring urgent repairs and/or new construction of these areas. TBS is immediately available to assist with the following processes to accomplish a quick and responsive recovery:  
  • Preparation of notifications to LDNR OCM and USACE
  • Preparation of after-the-fact permits for emergency construction activities
  • Provide environmental assessments of your assets and properties  

The Department of Natural Resources released a special public notice authorizing those activities necessary to prevent and mitigate damages to the extent possible associated with flooding from extreme high water of area rivers and streams.  Click here for the official announcement: LDNR Special Public Notice - August 17, 2016  

Contact the following environmental associates to expedite recovery efforts:  

Brady Trahan  |  337.735.2815 direct  |  337.303.3852 cell  |
Kodi Babin  |  985.223.9288 direct  |  985.852.7297 cell  |
Boyd Boswell  |  337.735.2820 direct  |  337.303.7941 cell  |


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