Bay de Chene Field Decommissioning Project

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The Challenge

To Be Met

Delta Seaboard Marine (DSM) was tasked with the largest plug and abandonment (P&A) project in the state of Louisiana—to plug and abandon 59 wells and remove all associated flowlines and structures within the Bay de Chene Field, a legacy field located in Jefferson and Lafourche Parishes that began drilling operations in 1941. DSM faced several obstacles with this significant project: (1) historically, legacy fields with a substantial amount of wells to P&A have resulted in the operator filing for bankruptcy; (2) the project is located within a public oyster seed ground; and (3) because of the field’s age, there is no accurate map showing all flowlines within the field.

Map of bay de chene
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The Solution

Our Creative Approach

T. Baker Smith (TBS) began by conducting multiple agency meetings to discuss the best path forward to P&A all necessary wells, flowlines, and structures so as to not negatively impact the public oyster seed ground. With over a decade of experience working in the Bay de Chene Field, TBS possesses comprehensive field data, which was a great asset to DSM in coordinating with agencies and preparing necessary permit plats. TBS served as a trusted advisor to DSM, providing historical data and integrated service offerings for permitting, oyster assessments, and site clearance verifications. Additionally, TBS assisted DSM with all necessary work permits and post completion packets to P&A each well.

Integrated Services

Making the Perfect Solution

  • Site Clearance Surveying

  • Environmental Surveys and Permitting

  • Hydrographic Surveying

  • Biological Oyster Assessments

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