Project Description

Industrial Measurement at Refineries and Chemical Plants

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The Challenge

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TBS was tasked with gathering “as-is” 3-D laser scan data for structural and piping design teams to accurately plan, create, design, and route new piping and structural tie-ins from existing multi-level infrastructure.

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The Solution

Our Creative Approach

T. Baker Smith (TBS) performed several laser-scanning surveys to accurately 3-dimensional map existing pipe racks, structural components, and electrical and instrumentations trays. The field data was gathered using a combination of traditional surveying techniques with advanced total stations and 3-D laser scanning to complete the project. The 3-D point cloud field data was gathered in a couple of days, georeferenced to plant coordinates, and delivered to structural and piping designers to create as-built intelligent 3-D models.

Integrated Services

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  • Laser Scanning

  • Land Survey

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