Project Description

Industrial Measurement – Pipe Spool Surveying

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The Challenge

To Be Met

TBS monitored and performed dimensional control surveying in “real-time” of pipe spool fabrication operations, maintaining 1mm accuracies throughout fit-up and welding process.

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The Solution

Our Creative Approach

T. Baker Smith (TBS) conducted dimensional control operations utilizing highly accurate robotic total station surveying instruments and industrial measurement software to monitor and measure pipe spools during fabrication operations. Surveyors worked 12-hour shifts day and night to ensure pipe spools were fabricated to within the project specifications of 1.5mm. Lengths, heights, flange face squareness, bolt hole orientation, and isometric redlining were some of the measurements taken in real time on location to allow the fabrication team to quickly resume operations.

Integrated Services

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  • Dimensional Control

  • Laser Scanning

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