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King’s Lake Company WRP Easement

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The Challenge

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The National Resources Conservation District planned to acquire a permanent easement of approximately 217 acres from Kings Lake Land Company, in Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, and therefore, required a Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) boundary easement survey.

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The Solution

Our Creative Approach

T. Baker Smith prepared a Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) boundary easement survey on approximately 217 acres of land belonging to Kings Lake Land Company, in Catahoula Parish, Louisiana. Before starting the survey, a pre-survey site visit with the Conservationist and the landowner was held to discuss the property and the preliminary location of the easement boundary. Courthouse research was performed at the Catahoula Parish Clerk of Court’s office. A survey field crew performed a preliminary survey consisting of locating property boundary monuments, an access route to site, and other features. Once the boundary and easement lines were established, the survey field crew set easement monumentation. Monumentation consisted of aluminum discs, witness posts, and signs set at each easement corner, angle point, road crossing, intersection of property lines, and approximately every 500 feet along a tangent. After monuments were set, a plat of the survey was prepared for submittal.

Integrated Services

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  • Cadastral & Legal Boundary

  • Route Survey

  • Control Network

  • Easement Surveys

  • Boundary Monumentation

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