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North and South Terrebonne Stanpipe Pump Renovations

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The Challenge

To Be Met

In order to gain fuller use of its standpipe capacity, to perform maintenance operations, and to supplement line pressure during periods of high demand, Consolidated Waterworks District No. 1 requested engineering services to renovate the pumping and control systems at the South Terrebonne Standpipe and the North Terrebonne Standpipe.

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The Solution

Our Creative Approach

TBS performed a feasibility study and engineered a solution to meet the operating parameters of the North and South Standpipes. The report included an analysis of pumps available, motor selection, schematics, and modifications of standpipe renovations. Crews replaced pumps, control valves, and panels and tied in 200 linear feet of 16-inch water line with the existing water mains downstream of the pump. TBS provided drawings of waterline layout, waterline details, as well as existing and proposed piping plans. TBS designed renovations to the pumping and control systems at the South Terrebonne Standpipe to allow for greater ability to supplement line pressures, more fl exibility in performing maintenance operations, and fuller use of the standpipe capacity. TBS also designed a new 16-inch waterline tie-in from the new pumps to an existing transmission line.

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