Public Works

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Public Works

Improving the Quality of Our Communities

TBS is dedicated to performing meaningful work in our communities, providing talent, skill, and heart to enhance our way of life. TBS leverages superior, integrated solutions to improve our roads, highways, and bridges, as well as our drainage and sewerage infrastructure. TBS professionals collaborate with coastal clients to engineer solutions that will restore and preserve our precious coastline, enabling us to sustain our livelihood in the coastal communities we hold so dear. Ultimately, TBS provides experienced, trusted, and local professionals with the passion to see our communities flourish and the know-how to see these meaningful projects through to a satisfactory completion for the public.

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Public Works Solutions

  • Grant Applications
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Master Planning
  • Environmental Surveys & Assessments
  • Construction Estimate & Schedules
  • Right of Way Acquisition
  • Public Outreach Programs
  • Permitting & Government Submittals
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Civil Design
  • Plans & Specifications
  • GIS & Mapping
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Bid Documents
  • Contractor Selection
  • Construction Management
  • Stakeout Surveying
  • Project Inspection
  • Flood Protection
  • Drainage
  • Coastal Restoration
  • Utilities
  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Roads and Bridges

Project Spotlights

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Professional Services

We perform a variety of services for our clients to take their project from start to finish

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Air Compliance

Water Quality Compliance & Permitting

Solid/Hazardous Waste Material Management

Coastal and Natural Resources

NEPA and Due Diligence

O&G/Pipeline Regulatory

Monitoring and Data Management

Additional Services

Customer Satisfaction

We let our customers speak for us

“ As a Landman, I have worked on projects with T Baker Smith for many years. I continue to utilize their services because they are professional, trustworthy and assist me, the client, in finding the most efficient resolution for varying types of challenges whether it’s surveying or permitting. ”

Carol M. Sledge, CPL
“ What keeps me coming back to T. Baker Smith is the dedication that Kenny and his team exhibits every day; it is one of the most valuable things to me. I cannot recall one time TBS did not follow through on getting what we asked for. You get what you pay for, and with TBS, we do not have to sit and babysit or redo the work. ”
Craig Guidry

“ We have worked previously with other consultants and find that TBS’ reliability and capability are superior to their competition. They are always available to assist us at Rebecca, Magnolia, Coulon, Acadia, St. Bridget and Evergreen Plantations as well as the Bayou Lafourche Freshwater Reintroduction project, by providing surveying and modeling support. ”

Jacob A. Giardina