Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

Subsurface Utility Engineering

Utility Solutions Start Here

When it comes to buried utilities, what you don’t know can really hurt your budget and schedule. Start your project off on the right foot with comprehensive and accurately mapped existing utility data.

TBS’ SUE team of expert engineers, surveyors, and technicians delivers reliable buried utility data to keep clients’ projects on track and within budget.

TBS Employee on SUE project

Benefits of SUE

Our Utility Risk Management solutions start with uncovering what is buried under your proposed project site, minimizing utility-related risks and uncertainties.

  • Safer Projects
  • Expose potentially hazardous utilities
  • Minimize Utility-Related Project Delays
  • Reduce Costly Re-design Costs
  • Minimize Traffic and Service Interruption
  • Help curb Negative Media due to Damage, Interruption, and Delays
  • For every $1.00 spent on SUE there is a related $4.62 estimated cost savings.
    • Purdue University Study – Cost Savings on Highway Projects Utilizing Subsurface Utility Engineering, December 1999 

SUE Quality Levels

TBS works closely with clients to arrive at the appropriate quality level(s) for each project and performs SUE services in accordance with the ASCE 38 guideline and industry standards. This is achieved by collaboratively determining specific project and client needs, then employing an iterative approach in pursuit of each Quality Level.

With decades of experience and an extensive in-house equipment suite, we achieve all four (4) Quality Levels (QL) of utility depictions.

SUE Quality levels

Integrated Project Approach

TBS’ integrated project services approach allows us to efficiently meet our clients’ needs by accurately collecting, interpreting, and managing buried utility data in accordance with client and applicable standards.
Various Utility Types
  • Dry and Wet Utilities

  • Franchise Utilities

  • Municipal Utilities

  • Utility Systems

  • Plastic Water Lines

  • Gravity-Fed Systems

Tailored Delivery Solutions
  • Microstation

  • AutoCAD

  • Open Roads

  • GIS Mapping

  • 3D Modeling

  • SUE Reports

Engineering Solutions

Find the Solution for You

  • Planning Services

    We take a holistic approach to project development, working closely alongside you to create a big picture plan and then focusing on how each service area can best suit your needs.

  • Civil/Structural Engineering & Design

    We offer a wide range of engineering and design services including flood protection and drainage, roads and bridges, utilities, hydraulic and hydrologic studies, and site developments.

  • Coastal Science Engineering & Design

    We provide coastal solutions that assist with coastal restoration and flood protection.

  • Landscape Architecture

    We offer landscape architecture services that range from small, intimate spaces to high-level multi-use sites.

  • Facility Engineering

    We provide engineering and design services for the upstream oil and gas exploration and production facilities, midstream pipeline and facilities, downstream refining facilities and other manufacturing facilities.

  • Construction Engineering & Inspection

    We provide a broad range of construction inspection and quality control services to our clients for coastal restoration, flood protection, transportation, utilities and land development projects.

  • Program Management

    Our program management services feature schedule development and analysis, design oversight and management, document control, cost estimating and financial controls.

  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

    We combine our SUE services with our various surveying and engineering solutions, which results in better risk management for underground utility mapping.

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Customer Satisfaction

We let our customers speak for us

“ As a Landman, I have worked on projects with T Baker Smith for many years. I continue to utilize their services because they are professional, trustworthy and assist me, the client, in finding the most efficient resolution for varying types of challenges whether it’s surveying or permitting. ”

Carol M. Sledge, CPL
“ What keeps me coming back to T. Baker Smith is the dedication that Kenny and his team exhibits every day; it is one of the most valuable things to me. I cannot recall one time TBS did not follow through on getting what we asked for. You get what you pay for, and with TBS, we do not have to sit and babysit or redo the work. ”
Craig Guidry

“ We have worked previously with other consultants and find that TBS’ reliability and capability are superior to their competition. They are always available to assist us at Rebecca, Magnolia, Coulon, Acadia, St. Bridget and Evergreen Plantations as well as the Bayou Lafourche Freshwater Reintroduction project, by providing surveying and modeling support. ”

Jacob A. Giardina