A Fulfilling Place to Work

A Fulfilling Place to Work

Our Purpose: Investing in people to enhance communities.

Our Niche: Providing innovative and sustainable solutions in challenging environments through integrated engineering, surveying, and environmental services. 

Hire the RIGHT people.

Identify their TALENTS and PASSIONS.

NURTURE their talents.

Use their talents to work on MEANINGFUL PROJECTS

that IMPROVE the COMMUNITIES we live in.

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TBS Compass Showing the sectors that make up a fulfilling workplace


Developing and Engaging Talent

The compensation program at TBS is designed to attract, develop, engage, and retain talented associates who are the “right” fit for our culture and business strategy. We offer a complete compensation package that provides stability for our associates and their families and enhances their long-term professional and personal growth.

The key factors considered when determining compensation levels include:

  • A/E industry bench mark data on pay scale by size, geographic region, business mix, utilization, and bill rates with our goal of being within the 50th to 75th percentile range on a yearly basis
  • TBS’ overall and short-term financial position
  • Associate performance and value to the firm
  • TBS’ objectives and the level of talent currently in place and needed for success in a geographic region and/or market
  • Salary comparisons with competition
Compensation Mix Components:
  • Base Pay
    • Hourly and Salary (professional and management)
    • Adjustments to base pay may be considered on a yearly basis or sooner, are rooted in merit, and change in the factors listed above.
  • Short-Term Incentives
    • Achievement Bonus
    • Associate Referral Program
    • Compensation for Over 40 Hours of Billable Work for Salaried
      Exempt Associates
  • Annual Discretionary Incentives


TBS offers a long-term approach to a competitive, comprehensive benefits package for our associates that is intended to complement the compensation program; help them assist associates meet their financial commitments; and prepare for their retirement while maintaining health and wellness for themselves and their families.

Your Benefits:
  • When it comes to health, we are all in it together.
    • Major Medical Insurance (self-funded)
    • Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
      » Up to $1,500 annually to cover medical expenses
      covered on the plan
    • Healthy Solutions Start Here Wellness Program
      » Meet health targets and get significant cost
      savings on your medical insurance premiums.
    • Dental Insurance
    • Vision Insurance
    • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Stability for you and your family.
    •  Long Term Disability
    •  Life Insurance
    • Supplemental Insurance
  • Your financial wellness.
    • Retirement
      » 401(k) benefit with firm match of 50% of your
      contribution, up to a maximum of your 6%
      » We use Fidelity Investments, a strong and trusted
      company, for our 401(k) program.
      » As a resource for you, we have financial wellness
      advice and tools from our financial advisor.
    • Scholarship potential for your children

Learning Opportunities

At TBS, our purpose and passion is “investing in people to enhance communities.” Continuous professional and personal development for all associates is an expectation, not an option. We offer internal and external training programs that include technical, motivational, organizational, leadership, and soft skills training.

Opportunities for your career growth
  • Individualized Associate Development Plan
    • The ADP process provides a structured way for associates and evaluators to have a productive mentoring session about an associate’s passions, skills, career,
      goals, and a plan to ensure we have the right people in the right seat.
  • TBS University
    • 40 hours of training per year
    • Learning Management System (LMS)
    • Regular learning assignments
    • Noontime Knowledge
    • External & Internal Professional Development Programs
    • Education Assistance for Conferences and College Degree Programs
    • Encourage and financially support professional licensure and continuing education

Work Environment

TBS provides a work environment that promotes work-life balance. As a century-old, family-owned and operated firm, we put family first. We are a market-driven firm building strategic trusted relationships with our clients by market and executing projects by discipline. We are a true matrix organization, which allows associates to work in different markets and project types.

Components of Our Work Environment Include:
  •  Appreciation

    Fun and Appreciation

    • Associate Spotlights
    • Holiday Celebrations
    • Associate Appreciation Week
    • Kaught U Doing Outstanding Stuff (KUDOS) Program
  • Safety

    Work in an environment where your safety is the highest priority.

    Our safety goal – “Everybody Goes Home Safely” – is something we live by every day.

    • Safety Incentive Program
  • Community

    Enhance Your Community 

    • Projects that make your community a better place
    • Support for your favorite charities
    • Social Purpose and Responsibility Krewe (SPARK)
    • Participation in local leadership groups
    • Think Green Recycling Program
  • Balance

    Maintain a healthy work-life balance.

    • Paid Time Off (PTO)
      » 3 months to 1 year – up to 5 days
      » 1 to 5 years – up to 13 days
      » 6 to 10 years – up to 15 days
      » 11+ years – up to 20 days
      » Unlimited PTO for certain positions
      » Work experience counts towards PTO accumulation
    • Paid Holidays (8)
    • Paid Parental Leave
      » Up to 60 days for a primary caregiver
      » Up to 10 days for a secondary caregiver
    • Hybrid Work Environment
    • Half-Day Fridays
TBS Compass Chart showing relationship between happy workers and financial gain

The TBS Compass

The TBS Compass is a foundational representation of our core principles and our basic plan for success.

Six principles fill our Compass and guide our daily decisions. Foremost among these principles is Cultivating People. Helping our associates identify and develop their talents is not only personally rewarding, but it makes good business sense. Anchoring the list is the core principle of Stability. For over a century, TBS has been weathering storms and coming out stronger on the other side. TBS is a home – a place where life-long careers are still possible for long-term thinkers.

The Compass sits on a simple, but powerful plan for success. The plan starts with associates. People come first. To attract and keep great people, TBS must be a Fulfilling Place to Work. When associates are fulfilled, they will assist the firm in achieving greatness. They will provide Strong, Aligned Leadership at all levels. This leadership will propel the evolution of the firm into a Well-Oiled Machine that delivers real value to clients. This value creation, along with the purposeful development of Strategic Trusted Client Relationships and our position as an Industry Leader, will ensure we always have great clients with cool, meaningful projects. The consequence of all this is financial success. Consistent Profitability to Create Security and Balanced Steady Growth allow us to reinvest in people and to keep this cycle of success moving forward.