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With over a century of experience and insight, TBS offers superior, integrated, professional services through responsive and trusted professionals, innovation, and technology. As an integral part of your project team, TBS utilizes a collaboration of resources and tools aligned to fit your project needs and leverage successful solutions.

Our Integrated Business Model

From Start to Finish

T. Baker Smith can plan, design, build and operate your project. Our professionals can help you define your project requirements, develop tasks, and put together a project schedule. Our integrated teams will work together to provide you with a multi-disciplined solution to meet your needs. TBS has the resources and experience to take a project from concept to reality, and we can provide continuity of management through all project phases.

Man showing children how to use a surveying tool
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Bench Strength: 280+ Professionals and Support Staff

  • Planners
  • Civil Engineers

  • Structural Engineers

  • Coastal Engineers

  • Environmental Engineers

  • Mechanical Engineers

  • Chemical Engineers

  • Hydrologic Modelers

  • Environmental Compliance Specialists

  • Oyster Biologists

  • Biologist/Wetland Delineators

  • Professional Land Surveyors

  • Near/On Shore Surveyors

  • Offshore Surveyors

  • Project Managers

  • Project Technicians

  • 3D Modelers

  • GIS Technicians

  • Application Developers

  • HSE Professional

  • Administrative Support

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State-of-the-Art Equipment

  • Standard 3 Man Land/Near Shore Survey Crews

  • Marine Survey Vessels and Barges

  • Offshore Geophysical Survey Vessel

  • Near Shore/River Hydrographic Survey Vessels

  • Airboats and Marsh Buggies

  • All-Terrain Vehicles

  • GPS Total Stations

  • Laser Scanner, Multibeam, Digital Sonar

  • Gradiometers/Magnetometers

  • UAS Quadcopters

  • Fixed Wing Drones

  • Hexacopter with LiDAR Sensor

  • SUE Vacuum Truck