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Committed to Safety

Positive Work Habits and Attitudes

TBS is committed to establishing a safe work environment where our associates practice safe work habits with positive attitudes. TBS not only promotes on-the-job safety, but all associates are encouraged to raise safety awareness with their families as well.

Committed To Our Workers & Environment

Fostering Professionalism

We expect professionalism, honesty, integrity, and a commitment to health, safety, and environment in everything we do. Our main goal is to ensure that when our associates come to work, whether it be in the field or in the office, they will return home safely – possibly tired, dirty, and hungry – with the peace of mind of being able to provide for their families in a safe environment.

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Safety Management System

TBS ensures success with safety as priority using a variety of programs within our safety management system:

  • Pre-Job (Planning)

  • Job Safety Analysis

  • Tailgate Meetings

  • Stop Work Authority

  • Safety Observation Reports

  • Hazard Assessments/Hazard IDs

  • Management Job Site Visits

  • Field Safety Audits

  • Field Leadership (supervisor training)

  • Job Skills Training

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