Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS)

Leveraging Integrated Services to Mitigate Effects of Climate Change

As one of the first firms in Louisiana to work on CCUS projects, TBS has always been a steward of the environment and our communities. Being rooted along the Gulf Coast, climate change affects our communities daily. TBS has worked on small and large projects, capital and O&M projects, public works and industrial to pipeline, exploration, and production, with all of these providing us the experience and knowledge to serve our clients in their plans for CCUS projects.

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CCUS Solutions

  • Environmental
    – Wetland Delineation (Desktop)
    – Cultural Resources (Desktop)
    – Environmental Route Analysis (Desktop)
    – Regulatory Requirement Analysis
  • Survey
    – Topographic Survey
    – Survey Route Review (Desktop)
    – Property Boundary Research
    – Land R/W Route Analysis (Desktop)
  • Engineering
    – Alternative Route Analysis
    – Constructability Assessment
  • Project Management
    – Site Visit
    – Route Walkdown
    – Cost Tracking
    – Design Review Meeting
    – Kick-Off Meeting
    – TIC Development
    – Schedule Development
  • GIS Services
    – Prepare GIS Portal Site
    – Generate Shape File Library & Data Capture
    – Portal Administration
  • Sector Scanning
  • Artificial Reef Monitoring
  •  Environmental
    – Wetland Delineation (Field & Report)
    – Threatened and Endangered Species (Field & Report)
    – Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
    – Permit Preparation
    – Compensatory Mitigation Coordination
    – Cultural Resource Survey
    – Permit Acquisition
    – Agency Coordination & Meetings
    – Air Permitting & Compliance
  • Project Management
    – Cost Tracking
    – Status Meetings
    – Design Review with Client
    – Site Visits
    – Project Related Meeting (HAZID, Pre-job)
  • Engineering
    – Geotechnical Permissions and Permitting (3rd Party)
    – Geotechnical Investigation and Reporting
    – Construction Typicals
    – Base Map with Workspaces, Access Routes, Etc.
    – Class and HCA Survey/Definition
    – Jack and Bore
    – Horizontal Direction Drilling
    – Facility Design (Pig Trap)
    – Facility Design (Valve Site)
    – Civil/Structural
    – Grading Plan
    – Foundation Design
    – I&E Design Items
  • Survey
    – Updated Aerial Imagery
    – Route Survey (Land or Marine)
    – Property Boundary Survey
    – R/W Parcel Plats
    – Prelim/IFC Alignment Sheets
    – Foreign Utility LONO Crossing Plats
  • Land/Right of Way
    – Tax Title
    – Survey Permission
    – 30-year Title
    – Acquisition
    – Expropriation Support
    – Damage Settlement/Releases
    – Letters of No Objection (LONOs)
    – Electrical R/W
  • GIS Services
    – Maintain Portal Site
    – Generate Shape File Library and Data Capture/Update
    – Permitting Assistance and Report Generation
    – Land Acquisition Assistance
  • Environmental
    – Agency Commencement Coordination
    – SWPPP & Environmental Monitoring
    – Discharge of Hydrostatic Test Wastewater
  • Survey
    – Construction Staking
    – Construction Support
    – Material Tracking (Bar Code Scan, etc)
    – Pipe Tally
    – As-Built Alignment Sheets
  • Engineering
    – HDD Validation
    – Professional Engineer Hydrotest Witness
    – Records Review (MTRs, pipe tally, etc)
    – Construction Support
  • Project Management
    – HAZID & Pre-Job Meetings
    – Access Routes
    – TBS Onsite Representative & Records Collection
    – Monthly Status/Progress/Check-In Meeting
    – Procurement Assistance
  • Land/Right of Way
    – Survey/Construction Support
    – Construction Sign Off
  • GIS Services
    – Maintain Portal Site
    – Coordination of Groups
    – Generate Project Deliverables
  • Environmental
    – Post Construction Field Investigation
    – Restoration Documentation
    – Agency Requested Completion Notifications
  • Survey
    – Develop Records
  • Engineering
    – As-Builts HDD & Jack/Bore
    – Records Consolidation & Data Book
  • Project Management
    – Cost Tracking
    – Status Meetings
    – Project Close Out & Debrief
  • GIS Services
    – Maintain Portal Site
    – Portal Records Generation

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Professional Services

We perform a variety of services for our clients to take their project from start to finish

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Air Compliance

Water Quality Compliance & Permitting

Solid/Hazardous Waste Material Management

Coastal and Natural Resources

NEPA and Due Diligence

O&G/Pipeline Regulatory

Monitoring and Data Management

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Customer Satisfaction

We let our customers speak for us

“ As a Landman, I have worked on projects with T Baker Smith for many years. I continue to utilize their services because they are professional, trustworthy and assist me, the client, in finding the most efficient resolution for varying types of challenges whether it’s surveying or permitting. ”

Carol M. Sledge, CPL
“ What keeps me coming back to T. Baker Smith is the dedication that Kenny and his team exhibits every day; it is one of the most valuable things to me. I cannot recall one time TBS did not follow through on getting what we asked for. You get what you pay for, and with TBS, we do not have to sit and babysit or redo the work. ”
Craig Guidry

“ We have worked previously with other consultants and find that TBS’ reliability and capability are superior to their competition. They are always available to assist us at Rebecca, Magnolia, Coulon, Acadia, St. Bridget and Evergreen Plantations as well as the Bayou Lafourche Freshwater Reintroduction project, by providing surveying and modeling support. ”

Jacob A. Giardina