Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief: How to Help

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief: How to Help

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T. Baker Smith extends our support to our associates, neighbors, friends, and everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey’s devastation on the Gulf Coast. We are committed to helping Texas and Louisiana recover in the wake of the hurricane’s aftermath.

TBS encourages everyone to lend a helping hand. Whether it is through a monetary donation or volunteer efforts to organizations in your own neighborhood to other support relief efforts, we encourage generosity of spirit in supporting those who face the challenges that lie ahead.

To the emergency response professionals and volunteers who are working tirelessly, THANK YOU! TBS will continue to pray and support in any way we can.

Below is a good source of information on organizations that are spearheading disaster relief efforts and how you can contribute to them. Before giving money to an organization, do your research. Charity Navigator, has a great list of organizations that are responding in the aftermath of the storm.