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Dimensional Control Surveying

Dimensional Control Survey

Real-time 3D Results

With dimensional control surveying, TBS is able to provide clients with “real-time” 3D results in the field. Utilizing highly accurate total stations and industrial measurement software, our dimensional control surveyors have the experience and expertise to ensure your projects will fit the first time by comparing design dimensions to industry standards and tolerances to verify conformity.

Man performing laser scanning survey on rig

Our Solutions

  • Industrial Measurement

    • 3D Capture
  • Piping

    • Clash Checks
    • Spool Fabrication Verification
    • Pipe & Pipe Rack Interference
  • Alignment

    • Structural Steel Interface
    • Bearing Pad
    • Precision Leveling
  • Offshore

    • Vessel Gyro Compass Calibrations
    • DGPS Health Checks & Offset Surveys
    • Drill Rig Track & Dolly
  • Fabrication

    • Construction Support for Topsides, Jackets, and Modules
    • 3rd Party As-Builts
  • Subsea Components

    • Manifolds
    • Jumpers
    • PLETs
    • PLEMs
    • Umbilical Lengths
    • Trees
    • Blowout Preventers

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Survey Solutions

Find the Solution for You

  • Boundary & Topography Surveying

    TBS is able to raise the bar by utilizing the latest and most efficient methods for collecting and staking data points for property and topographic surveys.

  • Asset Integrity & Waterway Inspection

    TBS stays informed of all current regulations regarding asset integrity and manageable waterway crossing requirements so that we are able to develop customized solutions.

  • Hydrographic & Geophysical Surveying

    At TBS, our hydrographic surveyors have the capability to inspect seafloor conditions, investigate underwater obstructions, and serve as an underwater set of eyes for search, rescue, and recovery operations.

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

    This new and rapidly evolving technology allows TBS to safely collect large amounts of data in a fraction of the time.

  • Marine Positioning

    TBS brings to our marine positioning services an extensive GIS and AutoCAD database of onshore, shelf, and offshore wells, pipeline and platform data, and hazard locations.

  • Laser Scanning

    TBS offers the most advanced and efficient method for collecting survey measurement using 3D laser scanning.

  • Dimensional Control Survey

    With dimensional control surveying, TBS is able to provide clients with “real-time” 3D results in the field.

  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

    TBS combines subsurface utility engineering (SUE) with our surveying and engineering solutions to help manage the risks associated with underground utility mapping.

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Carol M. Sledge, CPL
“ What keeps me coming back to T. Baker Smith is the dedication that Kenny and his team exhibits every day; it is one of the most valuable things to me. I cannot recall one time TBS did not follow through on getting what we asked for. You get what you pay for, and with TBS, we do not have to sit and babysit or redo the work. ”
Craig Guidry

“ We have worked previously with other consultants and find that TBS’ reliability and capability are superior to their competition. They are always available to assist us at Rebecca, Magnolia, Coulon, Acadia, St. Bridget and Evergreen Plantations as well as the Bayou Lafourche Freshwater Reintroduction project, by providing surveying and modeling support. ”

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