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Petrochemical Facility Fire Water Line Installation – SUE Services

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The Challenge

To Be Met

A new fire water line needed to be installed in a petrochemical facility.

Petrochemical facility firewater line installation plans
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The Solution

Our Creative Approach

T. Baker Smith, LLC was contracted to provide Level A and B SUE services, as well as topographic survey and engineering for the installation of a new fire water line within a petrochemical facility in Texas.  TBS crews electronically designated and mapped existing pipelines, water lines, communications, and electric lines through a 20-acre area where existing records were limited and/or incomplete.  Working closely with client project engineers, TBS processed and analyzed the data and identified potential conflicts with the design of the new fire water line.  TBS crews then utilized vacuum excavation to verify the precise vertical and horizontal position of utilities at conflict locations.  The TBS and client engineers altered the design accordingly, and the fire water line was installed without incident.

Installation Plans

Integrated Services

Making the Perfect Solution

  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

  • Land Surveying

  • Engineering Design – Civil

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